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Living in a mindful universe

Living in a mindful universe

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Nyskick. New Leaf Distributing Company. 2017. 288 sidor. Oläst. Förlagsny.

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Living in a mindful universe
Alexander, Eben
New Leaf Distributing Company
288 sidor
140 x 214 mm Ryggbredd 20 mm
353 g
In 2008, Dr. Eben Alexander’s brain was attacked by a devastating illness, and he lapsed into a weeklong coma. While appearing to be at death’s door, he was plunged into the deepest realms of consciousness, encountering profound truths about God and the soul. For the past eight years, Dr. Alexander has been trying to reconnect with the state of oneness that he felt during his near-death experience. And finally, he has discovered a path.

Living in a Mindful Universe presents a groundbreaking new view of consciousness, based on years of study, cutting-edge research, and Dr. Alexander’s extraordinary experiences since his NDE. He has found that it is possible to to access higher realms of consciousness and the Divine Love of the universe—without suffering medical trauma. Through meditation and other stimuli, we can discover an inner stillness deep enough to connect with the Divine. It is this connection that Dr. Alexander experienced, and with Living in a Mindful Universe he teaches others to get there.

Great thinkers have admitted that creative insights come from outside of themselves. Thomas Edison, Salvador Dali, Nicola Tesla—revelations came in a flash when they opened their minds. Dr. Alexander is a surgeon, a skeptic, and a rationalist. He’s the last person to tell you to reject science, and alongside spiritual techniques, he offers research that supports the existence of a collective consciousness and the benefits of meditative practices.
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