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The Philadelphia Experiment Murder

The Philadelphia Experiment Murder

Häftad bok. Sky Books. 1 uppl. 2001. 254 sidor.

Mycket gott skick. In 1996, conspiracy lecturer and ex-government employee Phil Schneider was found dead in his apartment. Although it is against the law, the detective on the scene did not call the coroner and released the body to the morgue. To his surprise and dismay, the mortician discovered a murder weapon wrapped around the neck of the corpse. The former wife of Phil Schneider was outraged by these circumstances and sought to uncover the truth about her ex-husband's demise but was countered or tricked by the authorities at every step.

An investigation of this covered-up murder revealedastonishing information, the trail of which led back to the infamous Philadelphia Experiment of 1943. Before his assassination, Phil Schneider had lectured across the country and had released documents connecting his father to the U.S.S. Eldridge. Additionally, his father claimed to be a Nazi U-boat captain who, after being captured by the Allies, was recruited as a Senior Medical Officer to the crew of the U.S.S. Eldridge. More haunting was the discovery of gold bars with Nazi insignias in his father's possessions.

The Philadelphia Experiment Murder investigatesthese circumstances and uncovers a host of new characters, including Preston Nichols' boss from the Montauk Project. Besides exposing the murder of an innocent man, the effort to murder the truth is exposed which leads to an examination of the nature of insanity and its relationship to physics and the constructs of the physical universe itself. In the name of a martyred man, the quantum potential of mankind is opened to a new horizon.

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