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My Secret Life

My Secret Life

Inbunden bok Grove Press Inc. N.Y. 1:st edition. uppl. 1966. 2359 (1294+1065) sidor.

Mycket gott skick. Skyddsomslag i hyggligt skick. "The" Victorian era erotic classic.
This example comes in the box-slipcase set containing two volumes, both hardback with paper dustcovers.
Volume one contains parts I-VI and is 1294 pages.
Volume two contains parts VII-XI and is 1065 pages.
The book was written sometime between 1880´s - 90´s. Much speculation have existed, even books have been written on the whereabouts of the true identity of the writer, a strong suggestion seems to be one H. Spencer Ashbee.
This Grove Press edition from 1966 is reportedly the first open publication of this vast autobiography that passed censorship legislation and could be openly distributed and sold through booksellers. Arguably makes it the first edition.
The box container certainly show wear and tear, but is complete. On the second volume, VII-XI, the is a tear and a piece missing from the paper dust-cover.
However both volumes are immaculate, hardcovers, paper, binding, given some unavoidable aging signs such as slight yellowing paper.
For anyone not familiar with this cult-status book - search it on the net.
This is a heavy package, 2359 pages plus covers and box, weighs in at about 4,5 kilos - so the standard shipping format at this site will most probably have to be negotiated separately, regardless if Swedish or foreign buyer. I always look for the absolutely safest and most economical solution for the customer and pack my sold items to the highest standard.

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