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Välkommen till Sveriges största bokhandel

Här finns så gott som allt som givits ut på den svenska bokmarknaden under de senaste hundra åren.

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Inbunden bok. Chancellor Press. 1999. 128 sidor.

Nyskick. – ABSOLUT NYSKICK! – Se fler bilder! –– Josiah Wedgewood rose from humble Staffordshire potter to national figure. Today, Wedgwood is a household name, world-famous for its pottery and china. This title traces the history of Wedgwood from the early days at Burslem. / "I read this from cover to cover and learned so much. Despite being slightly "drybones" and academic it's an easy read. It tells how the life and friendships of Josiah Wedgwood sparked his many technical and artistic innovations. I feel the weakness of the book is in failing to spell out exactly what these were. He unvented crucibles that researchers used to make strides forward in many branches of science, he transformed British dinner tables from pewter to ceramic, he created the British chamber of commerce and the Royal Society of the arts... Yet the book vaguely refers to these as if they are not the central aspects of his achievements.
The photos introduced me to lots of Wedgwood wares I hadn't known about and are very wisely selected.
Despite my negative observations it's definitely worth reading." –– GLÖM INTE ATT TITTA PÅ ALLA MINA ANDRA BÖCKER! –– Samma fraktpris oavsett hur många böcker du beställer! (Gäller inom Sverige)

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