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Funky Business: Talent Makes Capital Dance

Funky Business: Talent Makes Capital Dance

Inbunden bok. BookHouse Editions Publishing. Second Printing uppl. 2000. 256 sidor.

Nyskick. Skyddsomslag i nära nyskick. Förlags ny bok med lite svagare omslaget. 23,2 cm x 16 cm. 588 gram. (låda20220521-2?0).

Inrikes enhetsfrakt Sverige: 64 SEK
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Funky business : talent makes capital dance
Nordström, Kjell A.
BookHouse Editions
256 sidor
160 x 230 mm Ryggbredd 20 mm
570 g
n Funky Business: Talent Makes Capital Dance Kjell A. Nordström & Jonas Ridderstråle launch a manifesto for the new world of business. Forget what has come before, this is the future for organizations and leaders. We are all condemned to freedom. We cannot delegate the understanding of what drives tomorrows society to politicians and executives. The funky future is here and now its all up to you. Funky Business is essential reading for those trying to learn the language and recipes of the new economy.

Funky Business gives a unique, informed, and defiantly funky perspective on the new world order. It is the antidote to bland writing and bland thinking
-Tom Peters, a frequent visitor to Scandinavia.

They bring a slice of rock n roll rebellion to the international speaking circuit Nordström and Ridderstråle make a refreshing change.
-The (London) Times

In a world of suits, Nordström and Ridderstråle´s message is refreshingly different.
-Business Life Magazine also rating the duo as one of the top five in the International Guru League Table

You might even begin to believe that business is the new rock and roll as they take the stage... in front of 2,500 people.
-Across the Board Magazine

Nordström & Ridderstråle offer a distinctive & definitive European voice in contrast to the bland platitudes usually on offer,
-The Freethinkers A to Z forthcoming book featuring Nordström & Ridderstråle as leading contributors to the new business zeitgeist

Funky Business proves that brain beats brawn and that people are the source of any companys competitive advantage. Compellingly written; rigorously argued.
-Jan Carlzon, fellow Swede, service guru and Scandinavian Airlines turnaround artist

Funky Business is not a traditional management book and the authors themselves are not traditional researchers at the Stockholm School of Economics This probably contributes to their popularity in the Board Rooms and a constant demand for them as speakers.
-Svenska Dagbladet, Swedish Daily in article about Funky Business titled "Talent makes capital dance"

Ytterligare medarbetare:
Författare: Nordström, Kjell A.; Riddertråle, Jonas