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Wake up - our eyes have been opened. We must never close them again
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Wake up - our eyes have been opened. We must never close them again
Morgan, Piers
343 sidor
In 2020, we faced our biggest crisis in a generation when Coronavirus ripped across the world, causing catastrophic loss of life and financial devastation. And as the pandemic unfolded, Piers Morgan was at the forefront, urging the nation to come to its sense, once and for all. COVID-19 shed shocking light on the problems at the heart of our society: problems about which Piers has long been unashamedly vocal. Stockpilers proved the selfishness of individualism; those who ignored critical preventative measures -- flocking to parks for picnics -- showed the hypocrisy of the supposedly 'socially conscious.' The things that divide us had never been clearer: our narrow-mindedness, our outright refusal to hear different points of view and our desperate lack of cooperation. Throughout the crisis, Piers argued passionately for humanity, humility and community, converting countless new followers along the way. This book is his vision for change and a rallying cry that we not fall back into complacency and self-obsession. It is a powerful plea for a unified future -- one which sees the return of true liberalism and in which we move beyond Twitter-chamber outrage, self-absorbed Instagramming, the nonsense of PC culture and our intolerant, polarised political views. Just as Coronavirus exposed our flaws, Piers shows that it also showcased our strengths. From the sheer bravery of our heroic health-care staff to the acceptance that immigration plays a much-needed role in society, the global pandemic proved that change is at our fingertips. In the kindness, cooperation and tolerance of acts like these, we can rediscover the virtues that once made ours a country to be proud of.