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Här finns så gott som allt som givits ut på den svenska bokmarknaden under de senaste hundra åren.

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Mary T. Reflects on the Other Side - A Compelling Vision of The Afterlife

Mary T. Reflects on the Other Side - A Compelling Vision of The Afterlife

A renowned psychic and spiritual healer with clients all over the world, Mary T. Browne had her first clairvoyant experience at the age of seven. For more than thirty years since then, her visions of the other side and her communication with her teachers, both in spirit and on the earth plane, have heJped to form not just her understanding of death, but her philosophy of life. For Mary T., dying is not an ending; it's a continuing process of living. When we die, we shed the physical body, for it is no longer needed. Death is rebirth into the life of the spirit. In this fascinating and inspiring book, Mary T. puts our lives into a much broader context than most of us have ever imagined. "Mary T. Reflects on the Other Side" describes in detail the various realms of the spirit world based on Mary T.´s clairvoyant visits there. In addition to her own experiences, Mary T. recounts the rich material she has received from people who died or have had near-death experiences and came to her with messaages from her own teachers on the other side. The other side is a realm of peace, light, art, music. and extraordinary colors, vivid, comforting, and very real, a vision that has helped to ease the transition for many of Mary T.'s dying clients. Mary T. takes the mystery out of death and leaves the miraculous, helping us to understand and accept the trials and rewards of both life and death, replacing our fear with knowledge.

Inb. med skyddsomslag. Fawcett Columbine, 1994, 211 sid.

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