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Entering SPACE - Creating a spacefaring civilization

Entering SPACE - Creating a spacefaring civilization


Häftad bok. Tarcher/Putnam. First Trade Paperback Edtion uppl. 2000. 304 sidor.

ISBN: 1585420360

Nära nyskick. Nära nyskick, har en diskret namnöverstrykning på ett snyggt sätt, är en "non-fiction" bok. Compelling, inspirational, imaginative, realistic - it's hard to praise this book enough. For those of us that like to look beyond the everyday chores of life, and strive for something more, this book shows what could be achieved by us and our descendants. Nothing less than claiming the Galaxy! The author steers away from the more fanciful unscientific notions of other writers in this regard, but without ever losing his grip on the reader's sense of wonder. Step-by-step he shows us how we can begin our journey into space, starting with technology that we've had for over 30 years. The book is totally convincing, and by the end you wonder what on Earth we're still doing here. I recommend this book to anyone who has any imagination!

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